Monday, 29 July 2013

Dike Construction

While workers prepped Hamber Hall for demolition, work on the dike was also taking place. To ensure the campus continues to be thoroughly protected from the Red River, the dike that circles the back portion of the campus is being built up to the level of the roads that enter the campus. This part of the project began in early July as the campus closed to students for the summer.

In preparation for construction, fencing around the back of the campus was removed and salvaged for later use. The trees that lined the top of the dike were also removed, but were able to be saved so that they may be replanted when the new dike is complete. Staff on duty during the summer were notified that the parking lot behind the arena was closed for the rest of the summer and other arrangements were made for those employees.

Work began by removing all of the existing grass on the current dike. Then, “steps” were created in the soil to create a base for the new material that is being placed on top. Throughout the process, workers regularly check the composition of the dike to ensure that the clay is of the right quality.

Because the new dike will be taller than the existing one—it will be the same height as the road leading to the campus—additional material must be used. A trench was created on the top and new clay was added. A retaining wall on the “dry” side of the dike is also being created with Allen Block so that fewer parking spaces are lost.

When it is time to replant the grass, hydroseed will be used. Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a slurry of grass seed and mulch which is sprayed onto the prepared ground. Hydroseed was chosen because a new lawn can be grown in a very short period of time and is an effective choice for hillsides and sloping lawns to help with erosion control. As an added benefit, is also a more cost-effective choice than the traditional process of laying sod.

Anticipated Community Impact:
Sound from the earth-moving equipment should not be significant.

The dike should be completed by the second week in August.

Next Steps:
Once the dike is of the correct height, hydroseed will be sprayed onto the soil. The new parking lot fence and power receptacles will be completed once the construction equipment leave the site.

Contact Us:

If you have construction-related concerns or questions, please contact Lisa Klassen by email or phone 204.477.2403.


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