Friday, 27 June 2014

June Update

Windows are almost all installed, electrical is being run, paint is going up on the walls, we are getting there! Enjoy the latest photos from our recent construction site tour. Only a few more months to go!

Exterior: The Senior School building envelope is almost enclosed, only a small section of the Curtain Wall remains unfinished. The Curtain Wall is a non-structural outer covering made of lightweight material. A great advantage of using a glass Curtain Wall is that natural light can penetrate deeper within the building.

Exterior: The Fitness Centre glass Curtain Wall and the metal cladding is also near completion.

First floor: Here you can see the metal frames that house the glass and form the office walls.

First floor: Just a peek inside the new Senior School offices for now!

First floor: Just one of the many new Learning Studios in the new Senior School.

First floor: A view of the Clerestory windows within one of the many Learning Studios.

First floor: This spacious corridor showcases the Learning Studios large Double Door openings and their Clerestory windows.

First floor: When you exit from the new Senior School through the green doors you enter the first floor of the existing Cohen Building.

Second floor: One last look at the former Hamber Boys Boarding area, directly above the former Senior School office. This space is now being transformed into the new Modern Languages Department offices.

Second floor: Shown here is the where the new Senior School intersects with the former Hamber Boys Boarding/John Schaffter Hall.

Second floor: Notice how the Curtain Wall forms the outside wall of the School, the hollow core concrete floor ends within inches of the glass Curtain Wall.

Second floor: This area is home to the new Humanities Department Office, a meeting area will overlook the Fitness Centre.

Second floor: When you exit from the new Senior School through the green doors you enter the existing second floor of the Cohen Building. When you exit from the new Senior School through the rough opening you will enter the existing second floor Humanities Wing.

Second floor: Last year, a plywood hoarding was constructed in this space. The hoarding formed a corridor that joined the Cohen Science Wing to the Humanities Wing. Next fall, this space will be a locker area.

Third floor: This is one of the many, many heat pumps that are being installed to provide the new Senior School with a state of the art heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Third floor: Shown here is the third floor corridor and the wall partitions for the Learning Studios.

Third floor: This beautiful view is of the Fitness Centre with its amazing floor to ceiling Curtain Wall can be viewed from many of the Learning Studios.

Third floor: Through the use of a retractable wall, this open space will become two Learning Studios. The studio corridor walls are also retractable allowing for this space to open up and create breakout areas for students.

First floor: The plywood hoarding that was erected in the John Schaffter Hall has been removed and work on the entrance to the new Senior School has now commenced.

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