Friday, 4 October 2013

October Update

New Dike Construction:
The dike project is now virtually complete. The dike has been raised to the City of Winnipeg full flood protection level and is now capable of protecting SJR against the 1 in 100 year flood, such as the one we fought in 1997.

The use of a concrete block wall in the dike construction allowed SJR to retain the same amount of parking. A conventional clay dike would have meant a loss of 75% of the original parking area, so we are extremely pleased to have found this solution.

Because the area in the lower parking lot was already a construction zone, we took this opportunity to restore some of the asphalt. There is now a smooth new surface for staff and students to park their vehicles on.

Grass seed has been spread on the dike and the trees that were removed to facilitate construction have been replanted.

Piling has been taking place over the last several weeks. Through the construction process, we discovered that the original South Drive roadway was still in existence, buried under the areas where the Hamber Classroom Wing used to be and where the Fitness Centre will be. While this was a fascinating discovery, it has slowed the piling process a bit as the crews cut through the concrete.  In addition, ground conditions in some areas meant that particularly deep piles – over 100 feet – were needed. This has also slowed down piling, but work is ongoing.

Piling is expected to be completed during the week of October 7 – 11.

Anticipated Community Impact:
The driving of piles is the most disruptive part of the New Senior School and New Fitness Centre construction project. However, the noise will continue to be within the City of Winnipeg noise regulations. Pile driving will only take place during daylight hours.

Next Steps:
Following the installation of the piles, the construction of the buildings will begin in more visible ways.  The disruption to the front parking area will start to ease up, with the contractors planning to move many of the new materials through the back of the site, not the front.

Contact Us:
If you have construction-related concerns or questions, please contact the Facilities Administrative Assistant Lisa Klassen at or phone 204.477.2403.

If you have a question regarding parking, please contact the SJR Reception Officer Connor Coutu at or call 204.477.2499.

After hours or holidays, please call Security at 204.477.2499.

arial shot - construction in progress

no parking spots lost

new higher dike

trees replanted, new grass seeded

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