Wednesday, 18 December 2013

December Update

New Building Construction Update:

The footprint of the new buildings is now visible, with the concrete grade beams complete. The structure will soon start to rise above ground level, with the following steps expected in the next month:
  • December 2 - 6:
    Preparation for the concrete slabs and the structural steel mobilization will commence.
  • December 9 - 20:
    Structural steel will be erected, first for the Senior School and then for the Fitness Centre.
  • December 23 - 31:
    Pre-cast concrete hollow core floor slabs will be laid.
By the end of December , we expect that the size, shape and floor elevations of the new buildings will be identifiable to all.

New Dike Construction:
The construction of the dike is complete.  Some minor components of the parking lot re-development remain in progress. The parking lot spaces have, for the most part, been established and the stalls painted, but in our effort to utilize every inch of the parking lot we continue to identify additional spots and will continue to refine the layout. The installation of new electrical outlets for staff vehicles as well as the installation of the new parking lot lights is now complete. Black steel bollards have been installed parallel to the Tyndall stone block wall to protect the wall from potential vehicle or snowplough damage.

Contact Us:
If you have construction-related concerns or questions, please contact the Facilities Administrative Assistant Lisa Klassen at or phone 204.477.2403.

If you have a question regarding parking, please contact the SJR Reception Officer Connor Coutu at or call 204.477.2499.

After hours or holidays, please call Security at 204.477.2499.

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