Friday, 14 March 2014

March Update

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to come to the School since the last Campus Blog update, the orange tarp has now been removed, revealing the new Senior School. The tarp wasn’t removed because the weather has improved all that much, it was removed so the exterior wall framing could be installed on the first, second and third floors. Unfortunately for the construction workers, the removal of the tarp has again subjected them to the cold Winnipeg weather.
The steel roof deck is being installed and should be completed on both the Senior School and Fitness Centre shortly. Steel stud framing has been erected on the first and second floors of the new Senior School. As shown in the photos below, the framing provides good definition of the location and size of the various rooms, which is quite exciting to see.
The huge window openings will provide a spectacular view. The rough-in for the electrical, mechanical and fire sprinkler systems is also underway. Please take a tour of your own by scrolling through the pictures below. You won't want to miss the next Blog, when we’ll be taking you behind the scenes and showing you things that you may never see again!

Exterior: The orange tarps have been removed to expose a new three floor Senior School.

Exterior: The Fitness Centre as seen from the third floor of the Senior School.  The steel roof trusses, beams and columns are welded and bolted together and the erected steel rests on the concrete foundation and piles. All this concrete and metal will support the new building define its shape.
Gerry Pelletier, construction Site Superintendent for Bockstael Construction, shows the plans to Mia Dunn, SJRPA President, Bruce Neal, Co-Head of School, and Russell Britton, Director of Facilities.
Interior first floor: The cold weather didn’t stop the construction crew! As you can see much of the framing for the offices and classrooms has been completed.  This photo shows the centre corridor.
Interior, first floor: A construction worker kneels on a scaffold as he carefully takes measurements when installing the new drywall (Glass Roc). Measure twice, cut once!

Interior, first floor: Metal studs are being erected and will provide the framing for the offices of the Head of School and the Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Interior, first floor: The Senior School Principal will enjoy a new office and the wonderful view of of the upper fields.

Interior, second floor: At present, a mechanical duct shaft is being used to provide ladder access to the second and third floors.

Interior, second floor: Steel studs are used to frame this new Learning Studio, the clerestory windows at the top of the wall will flood the centre corridor with natural light.

Interior, second floor: A construction worker wears a protective shield and clothing when using a chop saw to cut metal studs.

Interior, second floor: This old set of metal double doors will soon be replaced with new doors and will provide access to the Albert D. Cohen building. The plywood you see on the right will be replaced with new doors and will provide access to the main floor Charles Camsell Science Wing and the second floor Humanities Wing.

Interior, third floor: The steel roof trusses, beams and columns may not look like much, but the view from this level is quite spectacular!

Interior, third floor: Not to be confused with a Transformer figurine, this construction worker is welding a deck angle to the new roof joist.

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