Friday, 25 April 2014

April Update

Construction of the new Senior School and Fitness Centre is coming along! The interior wall partitions on the first and second floor have been installed and the drywall will be going up any day. Contractors are currently installing the plumbing, sprinkler systems and electrical wiring on all levels. Over the past couple of weeks workers have been installing the roof system and all the windows on the courtyard side have been installed! It’s such an exciting time here at SJR!

Exterior: The front of the new Senior School viewed from the upper parking lot; all these windows will let in lots of natural light and present a beautiful view of the campus grounds!

Interior, first floor: Future home to the Biology Lab; the mechanical and plumbing is being installed; the temporary electrical panels currently power the lights, heat and power tools.

Interior, first floor: The location of one of the many Learning Studios (classroom).

Interior, first floor: Paul Prieur, Director of Admissions & Marketing, questions Gerry Pelletier, Bockstael's Site Superintendent. "Why don't I get an office with walls??? Let me look at those drawings!!!”

Interior, first floor: The plumbing rough-in for the first floor washroom fixtures.

Interior, first floor: A construction worker is installing the electrical for a new office.

Interior, first floor: Installation of the fire sprinkler system and heating/cooling system lines.

Interior, first floor: The stairs are now installed so this means no more climbing up a wobbly ladder during our site tours! We’re calling them the ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

Interior, second floor: The spacious corridor in the new Senior School as viewed  from the Hamber to the Science Wing.

Interior, second floor: The Student Lounge will overlook the courtyard and the Red River.

Interior, second floor: People just can’t wait to get in to the new Senior School!

Interior, third floor: These two new boilers are part of the HVAC system and will be located in the new Mechanical Room. Notice the green wall? No that’s not the new SJR green color, it’s a two hour fire-rated shaft lining.

Interior, third floor: These two circulating pumps will also be part of the HVAC system and will be installed in the new Mechanical Room.

Interior, third floor: This space will become another Learning Studio (classroom).

Exterior: The window installation on this side of the new Senior School is almost complete; this view will capture the morning to midday sunshine, the courtyard and the Red River.

Exterior:  One construction worker looks down and says to his partner, “I thought you were bring up the window stops, now what do we do?” I think they should have brought up some Windex as well, who’s going to clean all the finger prints off all the windows!!

Exterior, roof: Construction of the Parapet Wall that surrounds the perimeter of the roof.

Exterior, roof: 12” of blue installation is being installed over the roof deck, yup, that should keep the heat in during winter and out during the summer.

Exterior: The Fitness Centre as viewed from the upper parking lot.

Exterior: The Fitness Centre as viewed from the roof of the new Senior School.

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